“The barrier between principals and teachers should be broken for CCI to work. Innovation Teams are examples and guidance to the rest of the school. A wholesome child starts with a wholesome teacher. CCI is to transform teachers first,” said Puan Siti Sarimah, principal of SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling.

Puan Siti Sarimah (holding mic) sharing on the implementation of CCI in her school.

Puan Siti Sarimah (holding mic) sharing in the implementation of CCI in her school.

10 February 2015, Kuala Lumpur- Ten Character and Creativity Initiative demonstration schools-to-be came together for a principal and Innovation Teams working group discussion at SMK Sri Sentosa.

The group discussion was chaired by the CEO of Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia) Dr. Teh Su Thye. The milestones of last year were first reviewed, which included multiple workshops and discourses held with the support of participating schools and the University of Malaya. Such “small-wins” built up  momentum for schools to becoming demonstration schools with the capacity to produce graduate who are better prepared to succeed in all aspects of life and in the twenty-first century.

The second agenda was to revise the big picture. Principals and teachers were engaged to envision new possibilities in their traditional roles. Thus, forming Innovation Teams to pioneer and champion the implementation of CCI. A well-established team will be able to influence fellow teachers and students. As a result, a positive and productive school experience can be inculcated. Lastly, mature CCI innovation schools will help mentor budding CCI schools.

Dr Teh hosting the discussion with principals and Innovation Teams.

Dr Teh hosting the discussion with principals and Innovation Teams.

With this vision, the key strategies to ensure successful implementation of CCI in the years to come were extended:

  1. Innovation Teams to be the anchor to pioneer and steer CCI implementation
  2. Cater capacity building opportunities based on growth needs of Innovation Teams
  3. Sufficient face-time between and among Innovation Teams to ensure strong peer-to-peer support system is in place

The session ended with a heart to heart sharing where principals and teachers were enthusiastic in exchanging experiences and ideas. It has been less than nine months since CCI implementation in selected schools, the results are astounding. Let us applaud both the teachers and students!

We at the Global Peace Foundation can’t wait to fully deploy CCI in Malaysia!