…previously, SMK Puterijaya experienced encouraging response from teachers and students on the outcomes of one week collaborative teaching #Hacktheclassroom. Although impact was small but invaluable if we the public knew how hectic school teachers schedule is and what their priorities are. And the result was exactly what we envisioned to happen and excited for the next steps to unfold!   


The next step –

“Each one of them has strengths, which I think are lacking in me. It’s like strength in unity and when I am with all of them there is nothing that we cannot achieve.”  – C. Valleamah, Mathematics Teacher

An educators’ retreat “Building a Culture of Heart,” held at Titi Eco Farm on January 21-22 aimed to strengthen and build a cohesive teachers team, establish clear team goals that support scaling up of Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) in phase two development, and foster peer learning for school-wide cultural change.

Building on the momentum of the teachers’ collaboration in teaching, the retreat programme was crafted with emphasis on uncovering teachers’ intrinsic motivation, “fun-centric” outdoor team synergy activities, including a strategic workshop and execution of goals that involved all teachers in charting the future of the school for what it can be. Most importantly, the retreat introduced the “peace circle,” which allow educators to reframe their thinking/ judgment and support the process of empathic understanding.

To move forward, current issues must be solved. Educators agreed in unison that their priority is to improve the teachers-administrators’ relationship.


Three months later, a follow up meeting with the steering team was held on April 13.

We were told that the teachers could not stop asking about the next retreat. Senior Assistant of Administration and Curriculum described “we understand each other (administrators and teachers) better than before. We also complement each other.” Rose, the principal, updated us that collaborative teaching is part of the school culture now; teachers are inviting their colleagues within and cross subjects to attend their classes, four teachers co-taught two history classes, four senior students mentor 30 junior students in dissecting mice during Biology class and so on… All these has never happened before.


Stay tuned for the next story…