The Global Peace Foundation promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peace-building, guided by the vision that all human beings are members of One Family Under God.

Our Approaches

Through partnerships with organizations around the world, GPF programs facilitate intercultural and inter-religious cooperation, strengthen families and communities, and foster a culture of service and peace.

Global Peace, Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion Peace-building

GPF builds broad awareness of the central importance of universal principles and shared values as the basis for social cohesion and peacebuilding.

Global Peace, Leadership

Moral & Innovative Leadership

GPF develops a multi-sector movement of moral and innovative leaders who work in partnership to address the critical issues of conflict and underdevelopment in communities, nations, and regions.

Global Peace, Family

Empowering Families

GPF empowers families as the primary means of instilling values and promotes an education culture that fosters character and creativity, to guide youth to become ethical global citizens. We build comprehensive, collaborative models of sustainable community and nation.

Our Leadership


Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh. Zaleha Ismail

Chairman of Malaysia Chapter

The mission of Global Peace Foundation is to bring together our segregated human family transcending the barriers of ethnicity, nationality and religion, fostering trust and love among all people as members of one human family. Join us to create bigger impact to our community and world.
GPF Chairman,  Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Founder and International Chairman

If we strip ourselves of our national pretensions, our racial pretensions, religious pretensions, we will recognize our common humanity and our common destiny to live a life of co-prosperity and peace.

Our Team

At Global Peace, we see our team as our extended family. Everyone has their unique strengths and ability to make a difference. Everyone is capable of mastery and self- growth. Passion and dedication define our family culture.

Meet Our Team Meet Our Team