“Work with the people who really wants to change, people who can move and transform.”Miss Fong, Character and Creativity Initiative Director – Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia).

24 January 2015, Kuala LumpurThe first Character and Creativity Initiative workshop of the year started with close to eighty (80) educators of SMK Air Panas receiving training and hands-on experience in classroom innovation.

Global Peace - Character Creatiivity Initiative - SMK (P) Air Panas

The CCI team first engaged Puan Norizan at the annual secondary school principal meeting. Since, she has been an advocate of our on-going efforts. Last year, SMK Air Panas alongside nine other schools signed a memorandum of understanding to signify the collective efforts in transforming education in Malaysia.

“Empty the glass before the session begins, to put your experience aside and allow new information come forth. Such insights will be stepping stones in your career of creating leaders for the future” said Miss Fong at the beginning of the session.

When asked about the differences between our forefathers and the world today, fellow teach Mr. Adahar pointed out that technology advancement has significantly cut down the need for labour workforce, which allows for more to venture into high skilled jobs.

Global Peace - Character Creatiivity Initiative - SMK (P) Air Panas

According to Miss Fong, CCI works because it provides inters-school knowledge exchange supplemented with periodical external support from cross-sectors partners. It exists to empower educators to take charge – to use classroom as a platform to build wholesomely and conducive learning experience for children.

The age of transferring knowledge from one to many is over. Learners learn best through hands-on activities when they are part of an active role. Educators are encouraged to perceive each child as a unique entity with different learning pace and styles. Through daily engagement, teachers can team up and help learners grow in a desired pace and environment.

Global Peace - Character Creatiivity Initiative - SMK (P) Air Panas

The teachers were asked to list down qualities of a great teacher and how to collectively achieve such terms. “Change is possible, we need to find new solutions together!” said Puan Teoh during her presentation. It is agreeable, great educators are caring, subject matter expert and has the passion for teaching.

The session encourages participants to reflect on their teaching journey, how teaching methodologies and attitude has evolved as they enter various phases of life. The session ended before noon and Puan Norizan invited the team to attend a teacher’s farewell gathering.

The CCI team has collected useful data over the training. Stay tuned for more.