Bring Back Our Common Humanity


Imagine a world where people recognises each other as part of
a big human family, transcending race, religion and nationality.
Join us to build a world of lasting peace. We are one family under God.

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Youth Empowerment

Young people are the future of humanity.
We invest efforts in nurturing youth with
character and leadership to be the change
and to make positive social impacts.


Transforming Education

The way to change the world is through education.
We empower educators to transform school
and classroom culture to nurture a total child.

“If we strip ourselves of our national pretensions, our racial pretensions, religious pretensions, we will recognize our common humanity and our common destiny to live a life of co-prosperity and peace.”


Want to help change the world? You’re not alone. Join a volunteer chapter in your city or start a chapter today. The world needs you to lead.


By investing charitable money, we’re able to take bigger steps to unite people, going where we have never been to.


Join us for a course that will introduce you to Global Peace’s approach to leadership, and the values and principles underpinning our approach.


Join a global community of like-minded individuals and organisations who believe there’s a better way and are helping us challenge the status quo.

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Our Story

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The Global Peace Volunteers Camp

What Happened Last June 2015 started off great for the youth leadership development of The Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia). Completing the third Global Peace Volunteers Camp in the first half of the year, marked a new milestone of success. Let us walk you down what happened in the last camp. A Brief from Day One-…