Khairunnisa Aris

Strategic Partnership


Khairunnisa graduated from University of Technology Petronas, majoring in Knowledge Management and Corporate Communications for her Degree in Business (Bachelor of Tech). She is passionate in Psychology, took part-time courses in Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy and dreamt of becoming a motivator / counsellor in the future.

Life Quote: BE THE CHANGE! “God does not change the condition of the people until they change their own condition” (13:11)

Nisa treasures getting to know people as she feels every human is like a book, full of mysteries to be unfold. Breaking boundaries is what she aims in her life, and to connect people together for a greater purpose – just like what Global Peace strives for. She believes that prejudices can be broken by getting to know one another, asking questions, sharing stories – and realise that we actually have more in common things than what we thought.

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