Alisya Lyana

Visual Communications Designer


Alisya received a Diploma in Graphic Design under PJ College and Design (PJCAD), followed by a two years Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Visual Communication: Photography. She in a natural in captivating moments and stories visually. 

Life Quote: “It’s not a question of can or can’t. Somethings in life you just do.”– Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

She stands up for what she believes in, in thought, speech and action. Alisya is a genuinely loving in her own way. She spends pockets of time writing poems and reading books, drawing and painting. However, her abilities in high performance gaming are so far the most impressive fact about her.

Her role: The visual craftswoman. Capturing emotions of subjects and translating them into feelings for the viewer.

A hard worker, Alisya is always looking to perfect her skills and knowledge about video and audio recording, editing, designing as well as photography, watching online tutorials, and reading articles. Recently, Alisya has started to contribute more to the community through the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and Befrienders. With her passion in Oriental Asia, she wishes to spend her last years on earth in Japan.

Fun Fact: Alisya has two modes of default response. “Designer by morning”, “Gamer by night!”.

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