Alison is in her final semester of Diploma in Mass communication and plans to pursue her degree majoring in psychology and writing to chase her dreams after her internship with GPF.

Life Quote: “No one can stop you except yourself.”

She strives for constant improvement in hopes to change the world one day by becoming a motivational speaker. Which explains her INFJ personality trait and beliefs that joining GPF is the stepping stone towards that dream.

Her Role: Assists with communication and some simple graphic designing.

She has a habit of analysing people and situations and that is where her passion for psychology grew. When her mind is free, she constantly ponders about life, people and anything that revolves around it. Therefore, she hardly talks but can be very talkative around people close to her.

Fun Fact: As a Gemini, she has 2 different sides to her. She loves psychology but she loves expressing through art as painting and sketching calms her mind.

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