Interning with Global Peace was a great start to my new year. It was an experience that I will never forget. As an individual with a communications background, I am thankful to be given the chance to experience first-hand work in a wide range of mass communications related subjects that fall under my interests. My plate was filled with graphic designing, photo editing, writing and social media.   


The best part about this internship is the people I worked with. Laughters shared in the office and during lunch, learning about the world as we fellowship over meals and sometimes even debating on our beliefs and values. It is a blessing to see smiling faces as you walk in everyday. It gives you the feeling of home at work with your friends.


If you love occasional breaks from sitting in the office, then this is your place! I particularly love days when we are not working in the building. It gives me a break from staring at my screen for hours and a chance to get myself moving. One of my best experiences was visiting the orang asli villages. Watching the villagers happily living their lives even when facing hardships made me realise the importance of appreciating and treasuring the things I have.


Throughout my internship with Global Peace, I gained new perspectives in terms of writing. I am now more aware of the message I intend to communicate to the public and appealing to the public through the angle of my story. I am very fortunate to be able to gain skills and experience in social media handling. However, the most vital knowledge obtained from my time in Global Peace is self-discovery. I realised the importance of chasing my dreams no matter how difficult it may seem. This realisation came to me through the close relationships I share with my colleagues. Their advices sparked a light inside of me.


Being with a team that has the same vision as I do in changing the world and helping others is the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

Written by Alison Tan

Team lunch at The Teddy


Farewell party in the office


Trip to Kampung Ulu Geroh, Perak


Working in the office

Receiving a certificate for helping to organise the Transforming Education Summit 2018