What Happened Last June

2015 started off great for the youth leadership development of The Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia). Completing the third Global Peace Volunteers Camp in the first half of the year, marked a new milestone of success.

Let us walk you down what happened in the last camp.

A Brief from Day One- Syncing the Wanderers

Amy, Archana, Bernard, Indallah, Intan, Li Yan, Liyana, Jo Ee, John, Joyce, Miew San, Mun Yee, Nalina, Sharon, Yen Ting, Preeyangka. Eighteen to twenty-six years old. From Malaysia, Hong Kong, Pakistan. Three cholerics, phlegmatic, sanguine and three melancholies. Three males and thirteen females. No vegetarians, one allergic to chicken and eggs. Malay, Chinese, Hindu, Urdu, Christian.

The descriptions can go on and on.

16 volunteers

The faces of our 16 Global Peace Volunteers.

Warming and drawing


The frozen scene during one of the sessions.

First half of the day was spent activities crafted to trace the dots and get everyone comfortable with one another and the environment. This is when the slow-to-warm-ups, the regular and the fast and furious of a person’s’ fluidity when it comes to building relationships truly shows. Everyone’s very own mannerisms in engaging, disengaging and just feeling things through becomes apparent. Diversity is real, in a multidimensional spectrum. Being human has it’s many faces and obviously is more than the skin colour, race, religion and nationality really.

“This workshop makes me understand more about myself and makes me realise how the smallest change within myself can influence my family, friend then community. I get to know more friends and understand everyone in difference but they are the same.”- Jo Ee Lee.

Change Starts with One & Ends with Three

To change the world, change has to begin form oneself, relate to another and impact one other- and that is a chain of three.

“Apart from understanding more about myself, I have learn how to use my advantages to help and participate in brings a greater good to the world, to make a change.”- Amy

Personality In Play

19105535975_eba76dc51c_zWorking together as a team to complete the puzzle.

“Dr. Teh presentation about temperaments. I explore a lot many thing about what I’m and what I should a lot of info.”- Peeter John

No Dream Is Just


“I have a dream” sharing session. 

A big pot of belief, a fist of courage and a sprinkle of grit- recipe to make the biggest of the dreams to come true.

“No dream is just or only. Every dream is a dream, and each dreamer holds the power to make one’s dream into a reality.”- Archana, Global Peace Trainer

Meaning and Driving Forward


Intan jotting down her thoughts.

The late evening was all input, process and writing. Driving through one’s inner-self, what are their values, passion and purpose. It was all about finding meaning in what they do, what drives them, aligning themselves to a greater purpose in life.

“from Mooza”- Mooza, Global Peace Trainer

A Brief from Day Two- Change Sinking in Deep

Family as a school of love


During Dr Teh’s sessions, Family as a school of love.

“Family as a school of love & heart to heart session. I pour out my true feelings about what I thought about my family and it inspire me to open heart to other people.”- Mun Yee Han @ Ellen


In the evening, we went out to the pond for some on the field, leadership exercise. True leadership is not what one is or does when a position or power but the way one carries themselves. Only when one is challenged, one’s capacity of leadership unravels based on his or her level of ownership, grit and tenacity. The capability of keeping the vision for the greater good of humanity is reflected in their action.

“The rafting activity was awesome. I had so much fun doing something that I had never done before and the adrenaline wish I got just made it feel worthwhile and I don’t even feel tired. The visit to the orang asli settlement taught me about humanity and gratefulness. I believe It is our duty to reach out and provide opportunity for other as much as we can. The kids thought me a lot , I’ll miss them.”- Nalina Santhiran


Late evening was all about discomfort for the better comfort. Participants were engaged in open two way conversations about their life’s journey. From not being able to openly talk about matters concerning themselves, through a short input session and guidance, participants were led to share about themselves, life, family and all matters in between. Only by sharing authentically, one can effectively learn and absorb trust. Give to receive, that is the basic principle to authentic relationship in our now world of many layers.

“Heart to heart session. The value of trust. How trust play role in our daily life. We tell our dark secrets/something hidden inside our heart for so long and the only way to put down is to open your heart up and trust, feels believed after that and not a great listener and companion.”- Jo Ee Lee

& we had a birthday boy in the house!


Jo’s birthday celebration.

A Brief from Day Three- We Are The Change

We Volunteer!

The third day was all about volunteerism as the way of life. Volunteerism is how people are able to lead a life of meaning for themselves and others. It’s all about creating understanding, creating meaningful relationship and growing together as one family under God beyond all identities of the world, may it be race, religion, nationality and so forth. Participants had a taste of what it’s like to be a true volunteer, starting from scratch- a smile, a hi and everything else after.

“I have become more outstanding and I will try to contribute as much as I can to the world, no matter how many times it will break me down.”- Nur Liyana

The Camp As A Whole

“First of all, the slogan ‘One family under God’ should be out there in everyone’s mindset become it truly connect us all despite our different races. And with this, I believe that peace can be achieved.”- Intan Nurfatehah Ezaha

Written by Archana.