A Morning in Kampung Chemperoh.

Janda Baik is set amidst a small valley bounded by thick rainforest laced together with picturesque streams and cool rushing brooks of waterfalls. Janda Baik has grown in popularity among visitors seeking a quick escape into the cooling weather and natural surroundings from the urban heat and activity. Janda Baik is also the traditional home of the orang asli Temuan, the indigenous inhabitants of Malaysia of the Temuan Tribe.

A group of changemakers, the Global Peace Volunteers had initially went to the orang asli settlement situated at Kampung Chemperoh, Janda Baik, Pahang to get to know the people of the village. They had a good time teaching the kids how to make paper planes and other forms of arts and crafts, In return, to our surprise, the children taught us how to appreciate life, how to treasure the things that we have and how to value the people who loves us.

“In fact, the kids were really smart, they taught us more than we taught them, but we still took the time to teach them because we were born into a privileged life and we should learn how to be grateful for the things that we have.” – Karren Shaalini Gunalan.


John prepping his team before heading to Kampung Chemperoh.

The community service kick-started in the morning with bright smiles and willingness to make a change of living for the greater good of others.

The experience…

“As we arrived, we had to recruit kids from their houses, it felt strange in the beginning and it was very challenging because the kids were really shy, and they kept running back in to their houses, but we didn’t give up, instead, we kept going, and eventually, we managed to persuade the kids to join our activities.” – Peeter John


John communicating with one of the kids.

“We were really surprised that the kids actually wanted to join us. It’s amazing how the kids learn so effortlessly. It was nice to meet the kids, it reminded me so much of my childhood. I felt really content because we brought pleasure and peace to them ; we could see it in their eyes. I honestly fell in love with the way the kids were so into learning. I must say, it’s one of the best times of my life. It’s definitely an amazing experience.” – Nur Liyana Mohd Isa


Liyana and John helping the little boy during the arts and crafts session.

Then there was Seri. Seri looked really happy to be around people who made her feel like she belonged, she kept smiling and we could see the happiness through her eyes.

“Seri, what happened to your hand ?” asked Jo Sandy.

As soon as that question was pointed out to her, she shifted her glance to the ground and said, “Tangan saya terkena api” and she was afraid to look back up, but thankfully, everything was back to the way it was.

“Seri was very happy that we were there for her, she didn’t say it, but she showed it and we felt it. When we were about to leave, she grabbed me and smiled.” – Karren Shaalini Gunalan


The happy faces of Aurora and Seri playing with the paper planes that they made.

Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed…

“When we were about to leave, the kids asked us for our autograph as a remembrance.” – Mohd Isa


Isa during his autograph session with the kids.

What happened that one morning was more than what one can imagine. We spent the morning with about 20 children of mostly below 12 years old, getting to know them, teaching them and them teaching us to sharpen our communication skills, human-to-human is precious beyond comprehension. These children just have a way with teaching you to appreciate what you have in life just the way it is.


Halim playing with the little boy.


Written By Regina Ashley Philip