Date: 16-18 August 2013 | Venue: Broga Hills, Semenyih

30 youngsters from the 3rd edition of the Midnight Football (MF) project were taken for a thrilling and eventful weekend by GPF Malaysia recently for the MF Leadership Camp. Another 6 senior participants from the previous edition of MF also took part in the program. The leadership program aims to unleash youthful potentials and to build and strengthen the leadership qualities in each of the MF youngsters.

Dr Teh Su Thye, CEO of GPF Malaysia conducted a lighthearted session with the youngsters themed ‘Find the Leader in Me’. “What you see in yourself, is different from what people might see in you,” says Dr Teh. “I believe that all of us are very unique, and we have different qualities. I also believe that each individual is a potential leader!”

The participants were encouraged to list down the qualities they have and also to list down the qualities they see in their friends. At the end of the day, the youngsters were surprised to find out that there are many positive traits that their friends seen in them in which they did not know they possessed.

‘I See You See’

Alice Cornwell, Director of Midnight Football and Johnson from GPF Malaysia team conducted a heartfelt session for the participants. After much blindfolding, the youngsters were asked to reflect on their journey throughout their lifetime. At the end of the session, they were asked to share and list out the heartbreaking moments in their life on blank papers. After the sharing, the papers were burnt and cremated as a symbol of fresh new start and that everyone should move on in life with hope and confidence.

Of Challenges & Endurance

Outbac Broga instructor, Mr Ganna led the warm up session before the hiking up of Broga Hills. The hiking experience out the endurance levels of the youngsters to the test – they were challenged both physically and mentally.

Instilling Core Values

James Poon, an inspirational speaker from GPF Malaysia emphasized the importance of core values including having ownership, teamwork, living for the greater good and to dream big.


The Power of Service

The MF youngsters went about the Broga community and participated in various service projects. They stopped by the durian stall by the road side and assist the stall owner to sell durians to passer-bys under hot, glaring sun. They also had a great ‘gotong-royong’ at the local police station. Some of them also had the opportunity to interact and have some fun with the local children.

Star Jump: Getting that Perfect Star!

The youngsters were given the opportunity to learn and understand what it takes to be a great leader and to sacrifice for their team members. The session challenged them to trust and cooperate with one another; they also realized that to achieve their goals, they must have the right discipline.

“Initially I felt nervous to be given the responsibility to be the group leader in Star Jump. I am worried that I do not have the ability to lead. Throughout the whole session, my teammates helped me and worked with me closely; thanks to the great teamwork, we are able to be in sync and to finish the game,” exclaimed Kimberly, MF participant. “To be chosen as the best participant in this leadership camp is one of the most memorable moments! I vowed to work hard in everything I do and continue to strive for the best!”

At the end of the leadership camp, motivational awards were dished out to the ever supportive futsal coaches of the MF project; the seniors from MF 2nd edition; best team cheer; best teamwork; best service project; best ownership; outstanding participant and best leader.

“I am glad that I took part in this MF leadership camp. It was beyond my thoughts that I would be selected as the recipient for best leadership. I believed that I have a lot more to learn, especially on the core values such as having ownership, teamwork, living for the greater good and to dream big. I hope that I can be a good leader like my friend, Lucas – who has won the best leader in the previous camp. He is a person with the abilities to lead his team, and his leadership is amazing!” enthused Fauzan, MF Participant.

The Outcomes,

  1. the participants learnt the core values of having ownership, teamwork, living for the greater good and to dream big
  2. the participants experienced a change in their attitudes and perspectives on life; and that they are now more confident to take on the world out there
  3. the participants developed leadership skills and they are more comfortable to communicate with others
  4. the participants shown more interest and became more proactive in the activities
  5. the participants developed stronger sense of belonging, friendship and that enhanced their teamwork and cooperation in their futsal training and friendly matches

Speaking on the project, Coach Ishak said, “In 4 months, the kids have changed. Their confidence levels increased and they are becoming more proactive. Losing and winning is really part and parcel in life. We don’t just teach them on playing football; but also their attitude on the having the winning mentality, fair play, teamwork, friendship in and out of field. I think that Midnight Football has helped to show the kids a new path in life!”