Looking for an internship experience that will enrich your skills and make a difference?

The following vacancy are available:

  1. Internship for Communications/ Journalism
  2. Internship for Graphic Design/ Multimedia/ Advertising
  3. Internship for Videography/ Editing/ Broadcasting
  4. Internship for Accounting/ Finance
  5. Internship for Applied Language Studies ( English ) / Professional Communications/ International Relations

Fill up the internship form [Click Here] and email together with your resume/ CV to Ms. Pirvinsha (pirvinsha@globalpeace.org.my)

  • My time in Global Peace Foundation was amazing. I gained tremendous experience which I believe will assist me in my future endeavors. GPF had made me understand the importance of critical thinking that is needed besides known knowledge in handling daily task given. Furthermore, being able to be a part with such diverse and outstanding team allows me to understand deeper the importance of one big global family which is essential for the betterment of the society.

    Johnson Wong, Bachelor degree of International Business (Hons) Major in International Finance from University Malaysia Sabah
  • My experience at Global Peace Foundation Malaysia was awesome!. I met a lot of lovely and amazing people inside and outside of the work environment. My internship here had improved my interpersonal skills, management skills and leadership skills. Therefore, I am able to work and live with different people regardless of their ethnicity, religion or nationality. Global Peace Foundation helped me immensely as a preparation in the working life.

    Jane Abel Masanja, Degree in International Business from Nilai University
  • I did have hands on experience in Global Peace but it would not be as meaningful without the people I met. The permanent workers were truly passionate about GPF. I was mostly inspired by their devotion in their projects, the energy and time they will spend to make an event successful. At the end of internship, I realize that it was not about me but them and their passion to spread out Global Peace’s ideologies. As most of interns do, I had ups and downs. Yet in any case, the people here will make The difference. In times when I hated GPF, my co-workers helped me to switch perspective. In times when I love GPF, they made it a more lovelier workplace. I was truly blessed to meet those people and I am truly grateful for the patience that they had toward me. I wish the best for all the future interns and permanent workers.

    Meva Liantsoa Randrianarison, Degree in International Relations with German from University of Nottingham
  • My experience interning in Global Peace Foundation Malaysia (GPFM) for three months is absolutely worthy. This is because in GPFM I got to sharpen my video shooting and editing skills. Apart from this, I was overwhelmed when I got the chance to give my energy and work in all programs that GPFM offered. GPFM has been doing meaningful works for mankind who desires peace in their lives and I am really proud that I have helped them in realizing GPFM’s vision, which is “One Family under One God”.

    Amierul Affandi Bin Kamarul Baharin, Information Technology Multimedia from International Islamic University College Selangor (IIUCS)
  • These past three months internship at Global Peace Foundation Malaysia (GPFM) had definitely gave me the insight of work environment. GPFM became a place for me to grow as a person while discover my strengths. I always wanted to experience working with non-government organisations (NGOs), so internship at GPFM made my wish came true. I was able to meet new people and made acquaintance with them; I was also given the opportunities to manage events and facilitated participants at two camps! It had been an exhilarating three months for me at GPFM. I was immensely grateful for everyone at GPFM for their guidance while I was there.  Thank you very much!

    Kayrina Shaikh Abdul Karim Yamani, Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication from University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam Campus
  • Being an intern in GPF Malaysia has definitely taught me useful knowledge that can be applied once I have stepped into the business world. I have improved my communication and professional skills through my full participation and commitment in the tasks assigned. Not only that, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with people of different cultures in GPF Malaysia and observe as well as understand how each of them communicate with one another. If your dream is to work for a place where differences are embraced, then GPF is definitely the organisation you are looking for. In GPF, everybody is given an equal chance to shine.

    Fatin Fatinah Shamshul Bahrn, Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication from University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam Campus
  • To sum up, Global Peace Foundation Malaysia is the place for all the underground superheroes. They work anonymously to do everything they can for the world, to give beyond their capacity without hoping in return. Every staff has the biggest heart that anyone can own, and the place you can learn how to do good.

    Melissa Nur Fathinah Binti Raffi Mohd Tan, Bachelor of Science (Communications & Psychology) from SEGI University Kota Damansara
  • My internship at GPF was amazing. Not only did I get exposed to a world-renowned organization that is breaking down barriers every single day with its amazing projects and programmes, I also got to meet and learn from some of the most inspired people in the world. Their passion has been contagious, and it has taught me to always follow my dreams and to have an unshakeable determination in my efforts to impart change in the world. If you are driven, looking for inspiration, or simply want to have a wonderful, yet educational working experience, GPF Malaysia is the place for you!.

    Tinashe Kitchen, Masters Degree of Science in International Development Management from University of Nottingham – Malaysia Campus
  • My internship at GPF was the best experience ever! It has given me a sense of belongingness and a sense of purpose. Previously, I had never participated in any youth programme before. Midnight Football was one of the best programmes I had ever been involved in. I had never even done community service before, but the activities changed me and made me feel great about myself. In fact, I have now gained more confidence in meeting new people and striking up conversations.

    Andrea Arul Abraham, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting from University Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • GPFM is a very “crazy” and “exciting” place for my internship. I had learned a lot of things from them, such as living for the greater good. The seniors here are all very friendly and helpful, they really help me a lot when i faced with trouble and hardship. I think a mere “Thank you” cannot express my appreciation in my heart to the fantastic team behind GPF but I hope the people will continue move GPF forward in promoting peace.

    Lee Chan Sing, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Bioinformatic from The National University of Malaysia
  • Throughout my internship at GPF, the strength that I discover from myself is where the ability to approach people and overcome my shyness. I appreciate the amazing time spent at GPF, I believe the organisation really focuses on bringing humanity together through interfaith understanding, by respecting other cultures and living together as one big family.

    Puteri Nadzirah Binti Zamurad Khan, Diploma in Mass Communication from Segi College Subang Jaya
  • Working in GPF Malaysia is fun and interesting. You don’t always sit down in the office and you get to go out. It is more towards streets smart, when you go out, you learn things.  You don’t always sit in the office and look at the computer sit for the whole day.

    Raymond Lunjew, Bachelor Degree (Hon) of International Tourism Management Major Event Management from Taylors College.