Youth Empowerment

We work with youths from various backgrounds—indigenous, rural, at-risk—to develop holistic individuals by nurturing their character, social skills, and life skills.

Our Unique Approach

Social Emotional Learning

Study in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) shows that student’s best learning emerges in a safe environment and supportive relationship that make learning engaging and meaningful. SEL has shown to have positive impact on student academic performance.

Education Neuroscience

Our brain is highly malleable and thus stimulating activities can strengthen neural connections and produce other positive changes in the brain. As much as poverty adversely affects brain’s growth, we could also reverse them through positive intervention.

Holistic Approach

Empowering at ­risk youth involves building of cognitive, social and emotional capacities. These capacities are interdependent that you will not be able to build one without the others. Our programmes are designed to encapsulate development of all three capacities.


Outdoor Playtime (Jom Kita Main)

A programme that aims to provide children from B40 communities alternative activities that reduce unhealthy gadget addiction and screen-time in hopes of cultivating and developing social and leadership skills.

Born to Be 2019

In collaboration with Deutsche Bank’s youth engagement programme, which helps young people realise their full potential. The one-year youth empowerment programme aims to cultivate self-esteem, resilience, and social skills among Orang Asli children in Janda Baik by encouraging them to explore their potential in sports and arts and crafts, and develop important life skills.

2018 Young Changemakers Camp

Bearing the theme “Raising Leaders of Tomorrow”, the camp raises moral and innovative leaders through empowering youths with social leadership. Through the camp, youths not only discover more about themselves, but also about others, which is the first step towards cultivating a peaceful environment and becoming a moral leader.

Project HERO

A holistic empowerment programme for at­-risk students organised in collaboration with public schools in Malaysia. The programme aims to address the social, emotional and cognitive needs and wellbeing of students, which is critical for their academic learning and character development in the school.

Dare to Dream

A camp for teenagers from SMK Segambut to be inspired to aspire to dream for a better future. Dare to Dream is a youth empowerment programme that nurtures least-advantaged teenagers to become holistic individuals through a safe and empowering environment as well as character-building through experiential learning.

Check out videos and photos
of our recent projects
Check out videos and photos of our recent projects