Midnight Football

is a character building programme that aims to empower at-risk youth through football and leadership training.

Our goal is to have at-risk youth ‘Off the Street, On the Ball’, providing them a positive and safe environment to develop and grow their skills while keeping them away from social ills and negative influences.

Our Approaches


Instilling character and positive values through weekly fun-filled training sessions

Character Building

Hands-on learning through interactive team activities in workshops to promote personal and soft skills development

Parental Engagement

Facilitating workshops to improve communication and foster a deeper bond between parents and children

Community Service

Nurturing a sense of ownership, belonging, and culture of service to the community


Motivating participants to challenge themselves and work together towards achieving a common goal


Organising trips to encourage real life learning and strengthen character, friendships, and teamwork through shared experiences

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”


learned to respect other cultures and cherish diversity

gained greater self-confidence and sense of purpose

achieved a positive mindset and overcame negative behaviour

developed and honed leadership skills

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