Wan Nurul Hanani

Programme & Community Engagement Manager


Inspired by her parents who wrestled their way out of a very rural area to obtain national scholarships and to have a high- flying career, Hanani believes that everything is possible once you set your mind into it. A firm believer in Shine Theory, she has vast experience in managing purpose-driven programs, and interdisciplinary researches as well as projects that require multi-stakeholder engagements to the level of Asia Pacific.

Her humanitarian spirit was awakened while pursuing her Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Recently she was in Lebanon, working with refugee communities in developing their entrepreneurship capacity and 21st century skills.

Life Quote: “The best of people are those who bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.” – Prophet Muhammad

In GPF she endeavours to empower underserved communities and youths, by challenging status quos and facilitating a level playing field in livelihood, education and peace-building initiatives.

Her role: Championing the intersection of enterprise, innovation and community development for Sustainable Development Goals.

Fun Fact: She has embarked on solo travels and trekking in Peru, Iran, New Zealand, Turkey, Nepal, Morocco, Denmark and Japan, with no signs of stopping.

Get in touch with Hanani

Email: hanani@globalpeace.org.my
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/wannurulhanani
Instagram: etacarinae_hanani