Fiona Foo

Program Manager


Fiona received her Degree in Sports/Entertainment/Event Management from Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island. Upon seeing the struggles of the poor and needy around the world, Fiona felt the urge to step up and help them, starting with Malaysia,  which led her to join the Global Peace team.

Life Guide: “The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Piqued by the many possibilities in each person’s potentiality and the heights it can reach when combined, Fiona hopes to develop the skills of those in underserved communities through which she aims to encourage mutual growth. This is part of her grand plan in empowering communities to achieve more.

Her role: The encourager. Fiona sees the need to step up into a role of assisting those who have a clear goal in mind but need some help in achieving those goals; she makes it her responsibility to encourage and support these people because it is greatly fulfilling to her when she sees them succeed. Fiona also believes that by doing so she is able to gain valuable lessons that will be useful in time to come.

Fun Fact: Fiona finds great joy in pushing her boundaries; as a result, she has travelled alone to various countries (and values EVERY trip!), jumped off the highest bungee-jump in the world, and eaten a wild array of foods from crocodile to scorpion to live worm. She believes her mindset is the only challenge holding her back and throwing that aside will bring immense growth, be it in life, work or play.

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