The Malalas, Momma T, and J.K. Rowling (and Raffael)

No. This time around, it was not the same.

For a start, it was half the size of our usual camp. Secondly, odd enough we only had one male participate. Go figure! Yes, Raffael. Everybody loved Raffael. And Raffael? I am sure you have got the picture painted.

“Hey Mooza, so how do you feel about this group?”

This is a habit of our own. With every “fresh” group of Global Peace Volunteers to be, we try our best to work our vibe-reader. You’ll be surprised  to know how every group, has a spirit of it’s own, and it is different every single time. This time it was “just” a four-letter word in both our heads- “N.I.C.E.”. Make sure you add a cup of pixie dust, a fist of fresh and fluffy clouds and a few petals of Tulipa humilis ‘Persian Pearl’ to the four-lettered word.

So, we had fifteen youths around the age of 18 to 28 years old for three days and two nights in our youth leadership camp. Brilliant.

Before you know it, the programme has already begun. Especially when we got to know all the participants right before the camp. Also because a few flew-in a day or two earlier. The lines to the individual dots became more apparent and strong by the minute.


It was all about Y-O-U, organically.

11350516_833307550082338_3268259495104635948_nThis is the day we dive deeper into who you truly are. The key components of this phase are the aspects of one’s temperaments, strengths, weaknesses, passion, and more! The whole multi-spectrum of identities that makes you, you.

Self-discovery is the fundamental vortex that will allow you to understand yourself better, thus enabling self-mastery over time. Leads one through a journey of learning and   developing, unleashing one’s utmost potential.

“This camp has been a life-changing experience as I learnt and developed insights of a lot of profound matters. I discovered more about myself and other people where           previously I might have been more apprehensive of approaching people and so on.”- Monisha

Chansolinda in deep thoughts


“This workshop helped me to understand myself better. Not only that, I also learned how
to understand other people. It has also helped me to come out of my shell and enjoy the things I do and face the challenges and obstacles with a positive mindset. I have also learned how to appreciate and value my family and be grateful for what I have.”- Ashley

 Racheal on her reflective writing

 Diving deeper into the self, often a times brings out both skeletons and butterflies. With all things  dug and dusted, participants develop clarity of themselves. Clarity of the self allows oneself to build a strong self with the foundation of ones’ worth and capacity to greater heights, not just for the self but the society at large.

“This camp changed my mindset, I better understand myself and others by understanding different personalities. I know that not only me myself trying to help the world” –  Zoey


It’s a heart-to-heart kind of a thing.

This is the day we get back to the basics of “hi’s” and “hello’s”- human communication and relations.


The essence of leadership stems from the authentic relationship and one’s that is nurtured in the basic institution of any society- family. It entails the universal values and principles, that adheres people together beyond all differences as one human family.

“I have found that there are people with different journeys in their lives. I should empathise and appreciate any person thatcomes across in my life in the future.” – Siow Li Ting


People are unique to their own. The GPV Camp becomes a sphere for differences to amalgamate the differences into a symphony of peace. Embracing diversity is made possible with sub-spheres of activities intended to challenge mindset, physically and mentally.

“I was able to express my feelings that I’ve been holding back and realised that I am not the only one   that experience certain things. I have learnt to look at things in differently, and not to be too quick to judge a person, instead understand them- why and what causes them to react in a certain way.”- Grace Garcia


People first, the act of service secondary.


Team Malala tying the knots of their raft

This is the day participants are walked through the elements of true volunteerism.

The context of volunteerism surrounds the service learning framework of living for the greater good of others. It allows the cultivation of authentic engagement with people beyond differences, creating a meaningful relationship for oneself and the other. The acts of service ideally is a way of life, not a means only available when one is assumed of one’s own capacity.


Team Malala with Nenek Khadijah

“We initially went there to teach the kids how to make boats and do arts and crafts but they thought me how to appreciate life, the things I have and the people I love.”- Tasha Tan

It is always people and relationships- the need to connect authentically and meaningfully with people, only then the act of service itself.Without that, service is action without heart-insignificant.

“I learnt to take care of relationship, how to communicate with people and not to be selfish (live for people). The world will be a better one if there are people involvement, with family being one of the most important thing in this world.”- Chansolinda Cheath

“I am more grateful for the little things in my life, have come to appreciate my family more; and to volunteer without expecting anything in return apart from the feeling of happiness and the knowledge that I have made a difference in at least one person’s life.”- Karren Shaalini Gunalan


In a nutshell

“During these 3 days, I have learnt many things that I have never had expected in my life. All the sessions are the best to help people realise their personality and potential in myself, family, society and the world.” Maneth Pol

“This camp will change your life. You will never want to miss it. “- Lim Bee Ling

“This camp will help you grow both mentally and emotionally. If you’re going through a hard time, this is the place to pick yourself up and find your purpose.”- Racheal Leong Whye Ye

“This camp really helped me to get rid of any confusion about my purpose and direction in my life. It showed me the power of connecting and helping others.”- Rayanna Rashid

“There are things in life that must be experienced first-hand. GPV Camp is one of it. Mind-blowing! I’ve been to so many camps, and honestly this is THE BEST.”- Merryn Choong

“It is a best decision to join GPV Camp. You can get more knowledge and emphathy about human and environment.”- Sonya Christi“

Join GPV Camp to restore your faith in humanity.”- Raffael Lim

We are grateful and excited to have these young people as our beacon of hope, carrying the vision of bringing our humanity together. We trust their commitment to change the self for the better, connecting meaningfully to people beyond all boundaries, and marking a positive impact in this world in their own way together.     


      The Global Peace Volunteers on the lorry on the way to Lead-A-Ship Challenge

It’s always a celebration when the Global Peace Volunteers Family grows merrier with love. The world becomes one more big step ahead with paving a road to making this world a better place for generations to come.

Written by Archana, Global Peace