“How Might Educators, Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities

Foster Synergies for School Transformation?”

Date: 17th September 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 1.00pm – 5.30pm

Venue: High Impact Research Centre Facilities, University of Malaya

Did you know, less than half of students believe that their education system is equipping them with the necessary transferable skills to enter the workforce?  (from the Economist Intelligence Unit report)

Education is a complex social problem that no single sector can solve in isolation. It is a necessity to aligning work of innovative leaders from all sectors that are passionate about building collective capacities for educational transformation; provide a roadmap of need to support educators; enriching teachers and school leadership teams through the over-arching perspective that educational attainment has a profound impact on economy and the real world.

The role and influence of the teacher is imperative in embedding character, creativity and leadership skills that are invaluable in today’s scenario. Nonetheless, this responsibility does not entirely fall on teachers and educators. Partnerships across sectors can bring the education system to greater heights by taking advantage of their core competencies and professional expertise. By drawing input from a wide range of professionals, public authorities, educators and entrepreneurs, there exist abundant opportunities to enhance the existing education systems and processes.

This forum brings together stakeholders and speakers to discuss the following:

•  What are the changing needs and skillsets required for the 21st century?

•  What are exisiting opportunities and potential outcomes through cross-sectorial collaboration?

•  How could educators learn some exisiting tools and best practices available to them?


1.00 pm   Registration & Networking
2.00 pm   Session 1: Cross-Sector Alignment in Transforming Education
Ms. Lien Shariatmadari    International Education Initiatives Director, Global Peace Foundation International
Mr. Jess Tinawin    Senior Director, Employer and Alumni Relations, INTI Education Group
Dr. Habibah Abdul Rahim    Executive Director, Student Learning, PADU – Ministry of Education
Dr. Teh Su Thye    Chief Executive Officer, Global Peace Foundation Malaysia
4.00 pm    Session 2: Implementing 21st Century Skills in Schools in Interdisciplinary Ways
Ms. Rahayu Ramli    Education Program Manager, Google Malaysia
Mr. Wong Shee Fatt   Headmaster, SJK (C) Choong Wen  
Ms. Catherine Liew Lai Foong   English Teacher, SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
Associate Professor Dr Mariani bt Mohd Nor  Dean of Education Faculty, University of Malaya *
Mr. Puniamurthy Krishnasamy   Deputy Registrar, University of Malaya
5.30 pm   End

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