What is the history of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia?

The reach of Global Peace extended to Malaysia in 2010 in conjunction with the Global Peace Festival followed by an official registration in 2011 as Global Peace Festival Malaysia Berhad.

GPF (M) exists to address the gaps in our social system through innovative ways to embrace diversity and acts as a catalyst for social integration alongside the efforts of the government, private and social sector.

Why is GPF-Malaysia registered as Global Peace Festival Berhad but referred to as Global Peace Foundation?

Global Peace in Malaysia has evolved over time from running solely on intercultural celebrations to addressing vital social obstacles hindering the growth of our society towards greater heights.

Global Peace in Malaysia is known as Global Peace Foundation Malaysia in alignment with our international branding efforts. However, all legal documents should addressed as Global Festival Malaysia Berhad while communications will remain as Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia).

What are GPF’s efforts in promoting social integration?

Global Peace and its chapters around the world functions to realise the three pillars of fundamental beliefs, which are –

• Interfaith understanding

• Strengthening family values

• Promoting the culture of service

Here in Malaysia, our team focuses on developing youth leaders through the culture of service, transforming formal education learning environment and bridging the needs of communities to available resources and information.

How does GPF work?

Peacebuilding is ongoing effort that addresses the root cause of potential social obstacles such as violence, social inequality, discrimination, intercultural conflict and etcetera.

Most of our projects are sparked by the thought of improving lives and socially cohesive communities. Our efforts translates thoughts into actions, actions into everlasting impact. For example, the Character & Creativity Initiative that was founded and piloted in Kenya is now implemented worldwide to help transform classroom learning environments.

How does GPF fund its programmes and activities?

Global Peace Foundation Malaysia is partially funded by our international office, based in Washington D.C.

Locally, we raise funds through our initiatives and projects that is channeled into our programmes.

Is Global Peace Foundation a religious organisation or connected to any religion?

Global Peace Foundation is a non-religious and non-partisan organisation. In fact, we are an organisation that engages people from all walks of life and of different racial and religious backgrounds.

The vision of “One Family Under God” is not religious in nature. It is our way of explaining that humanity is connected to each other as one big human family, originating from the same creator.