Fong Pick Ching

Programme Director CCI


Pick Ching is a graduate from Olympia Business College and has chosen to work under the wings of the Global Peace because of the fundamental sense of belonging she has with the organisation and resonation with its core values.

Life Quote: “The primary human drive is not pleasure but the pursuit of what we find meaningful.”– Viktor Frankl

Pick Ching is a true believer of that everyone is connected to the past which explains her appreciation for history.

Her role: Transforming the cloudy climate of schools through the education of the heart.

She currently leads the development and implementation of Character and Creativity Initiative which emphasizes the importance of imparting good characters, creative minds and best practice in formal education. She works with the leadership of the public schools to transform school culture to one that will be an environment that nurtures holistic children.

Fun fact: Pick Ching can never be satisfied with food because she’s so ‘Penang’!

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