12-14 September 2014, Janda Baik – A group of twenty eight budding leaders from an array of backgrounds and nationalities came together to answer the calling of leaving behind a legacy for social transformation. Similar to our previous approaches, the theme of the camp was “Be The Change”, which aims to unite youth via a common intent of being the changemakers for the world – such a vision resonates strongly among the hearts of the camp four participants.


The camp is designed to challenge participants mentally, physically and spiritually. Each session and engagement opportunities are carefully crafted to trickle their true being and common humanity. Global social transformation begins from a small change from within a fellow global peace volunteer.


“We live in a world that draws off of each others’ insecurities and fears. But being in a room filled with people who understand and care enough to make a safe space for your thoughts to be heard, it’s enough because that small positivity can go a long way,”  – Yin Yee, GPVian, Malaysia.


It is always a joy for facilitators to see how campers get comfortable and be jolly with each other. The real deal strikes when they were thrown into tension; it is where true colours of your temperaments are shown, be it internal struggle or external projection of your emotions,  the propensity to trust is a conscious and difficult matter rather than autonomous.


Genuine trust was conceived through the heart to heart session. Many opened up to each other, sharing personal struggles, hardships and family issues. Fellow GPVian, Jo Sandy, who admires his father as a political figure back in his country shared his hardship in the varsity presidential election for the international student council – he demonstrated true dedication and determination, having failed thrice and still going strong in hope of winning the seat. (Great news: Jo won the presidential election in the month of December 2014, congratulations!)


They walked through the door as strangers but went home knowing they now have a bigger family than they could have ever imagined. The understanding of the basis that the family institution being beyond blood-bound is now in their hearts. The GPV Camp served as a building block of empathy in the community of the future leaders. These young people are going to change the course of humanity making peace possible.


“The Global Peace Volunteer Camp was a rare experience that would stay with me for a long time. In times of numerous global conflicts and unrest, the camp became a precious space of refuge for many participants from all walks of life. I realised that many of us are still struggling to make sense of ourselves and the world we live in – – but as we retraced our lost human connection that weekend, we also found ways of healing together. I felt a tremendous amount of hope.” Mooza, Youth Engagement Officer, Global Peace Foundation (Malaysia).


With an ever growing family of changemakers, we have a strong conviction that our biggest dream of building one family under God is on it’s path to becoming a reality.